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Modified: 06.11.2003

This is ARaSCa, the website about Art and Science on the net. Here you can find descriptions of the most beautiful places and buildings on earth. You can take part in this effort by sending your own images and texts (see  terms).

Here is an annotated table of contents:


Places & Sights: This is the regional guide that shows the most beautiful sights (buildings as well as views of nature) for all included places. Each of the places is presented with images and describing texts.


Travels: This is a collection of travel reports sorted by continents and countries. You can submit your own travel reports (texts and images). Further hints are given in the  terms.


Insight: A collection of introductional texts like overviews of main architectural styles and aeras and documentation about the creation and development of buildings and natural sights.


Resources: All kind of helpful information like sources of literature, glossaries of specific terms and a list of links to other websites.


News: The latest changes and recently added pages are listed in this section. For all who already know ARaSCa and are eager for some new stuff.


Myself: Here you find the personal pages of the author.

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