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Modified: 06.11.2003

Here I will write some words about my myself. I was born 1970 in Hamburg and I still live there. After my high-school diploma I started studying  Informatics (or call it computer science) at the University of Hamburg, meanwhile I got my master grade and I try to work on a PhD. My special interests in computer science are in the field of network security and 3d computer graphics.

Not only since my studies I am a friend of all you can read. Because especially besides the computer science there are some  pieces of literature that one has to read. Some of the most remarkable pieces I wish to show you. Among them there are a few children's and picture books (which I have read not when I was a child), and some much more demanding works.

Since more than 30 years I live in  Hamburg. And of course I know what's what in this place. My favourites are the parks of the city, the architecture of past and present days and the cosy places where you can enjoy good cocktails, wonderful sushi or a big breakfast. Here are some special places in Hamburg.

Beside that I am interested in buildings and the history of art (as you can see on the  main site and like to take pictures of these jewels of architecture. Especially taking  stereo pictures which preserve the impression of depth is my hobby.

Fitting to these hobbies I love to travel. The amount of days spent abroad during my studies could have been larger but I spent some very nice month on the road (especially riding a bicycle). Nowadays my job often takes my around and I always try to have some free days on these trips. It would really bite me having been everywhere and seen nothing. Some of my  travels I I have made available on this site.

 Encouraging, praising & criticizing eMails are highly appreciated.