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Master Thesis
My master thesis.

Modified: 06.11.2003

Here you can find everything that I have done in the field of computer science. There are some papers and slides as well as my scientific highlights: My bachelor thesis and my master thesis.

Three dimensional computer graphics have always been one of my special interests. So I chose to specialize in this field during my studies. The main product of this work is my  bachelor thesis (in German only, sorry). The translation of the title is object oriented modeling of threedimensional scenes and their conversion into display lists. This work is concerned with some methods on how threedimensional scenes can be described in a human understandable, easy way and how to convert this description in something, that can be displayed by modern 3d hardware very fast and efficient.

I worked for 2 and a half years in the  DFN Firewall Laboratory. Among others we created a filtering proxy named  httpf which removes all calls of JavaScript from received webpages (and cookies and stuff like this). Under the link above you can find the sources and some documents describing the program and our work. The proxy was presented on the 7th workshop on network security, arranged by the  DFN-CERT in March 2000 in Hamburg.

In the field of computer security I did a quite broad overview over the general security flaws of computers and networks. You can get  according article (in German only, sorry), it was also published in the report 224 (Dep. of Informatics, University of Hamburg).

To bring my studies to a happy end I did my  master thesis. The titel is Security services in the TCP/IP protocol stack, nice 123 (German) pages for your reading, some deep knowledge about internet protocols and the mechanisms to make them safe.

Since the end of my studies I work in the field of network security especially in the area of intrusion detection systems. My favourite tools are  Prelude, a complete hybrid, distributed IDS, and  Argus, a network monitoring daemon. Both were used in the project to gather statistical data. My actual works can be found on  Intrusion-Lab.

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