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Modified: 06.11.2003

Security services in the TCP/IP protocol stack

Master thesis of Olaf Gellert

University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics, Applications of Informatics in science and technic.

Coaches: Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein & Dr.  Hans-Joachim Mück

June 2000


With the expansion of the internet and its increasing commercial use the number of computers and networks is growing that process important and sensitive data but need a connection to the worldwide net. This makes it necessary to ensure the authenticity, privacy and integrity of data that is exchanged over the network. But the internet protocols in use today show some considerable week spots, so that commercial use of the internet meets some limitations. This master thesis gives an overview about the nethods to ensure the necessary security properties of data exchange. Furthermore proposed and existing solutions to these problems are presented and their advantages and weaknesses are discussed. The main part of the work shows the integration of suitables methods into the TCP-protocol-layer to ensure a secure communication between applications. During the work a prototype was developed and tested.

This is a postscript of the whole work (German only, sorry): Master thesis

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