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Never alone.

Modified: 06.11.2003

I like to travel and especially I like to travel for long times. To get at least a good impression of the country you visit, a month is a minimum. The fact that I was born in Hamburg seems to determine my faith: Bad and stormy weather attracts my magically. So I like to get around in the north nad northwest of Europe, Ireland, Scandinavia and especially Iceland are my favourites.


My Journeys:

Because I built a travel-section on the main website, I moved my personal travel reports there. Here are the links:



On many of my journey small and handy creatures walked along with me. They are proxies for my typical tourist pictures ("That's me in front of the Eiffel tower. Oh, well, you cannot see the tower, because I am in front of it. Anyway... That's me in front of the Niagara falls. And that's my at the Egypt pyramides..."). Because none of the fellow human beings can bear these kind of photos, here are my rescuers (and the rescuers of the fellow human beings). Here are someof my  proxies.


 Encouraging, praising & criticizing eMails are highly appreciated.