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Modified: 04.11.2003

I do not like traveling alone. On the other hand I have to travel for business from time to time (where I cannot take someone with me). Sometimes nobody has some spare time. And may be I plan to go on an extreme journey again and everyone tells me how crazy I am and refuses to come with me. At least then it's time for my little companions. They are just there, have always plenty of time for a nice vacation and they go with me wherever it drives me (well, it's usually not as exhausting for them as it is for me). And they are models for my photosessions, they are patient, when I need minutes to choose the right position, and still look into the lense with a smile when I finally take the picture. On this page I want to introduce my small companions using some of my pictures:



One of my conference trips took me and some of my colleagues to Ottawa where we spent some more days after the conference and travelled around. My small companion on this trip was a cute, crazy cock that always wears a not-too-smart look on its face (this is what we call "bräsig" in northern Germany, so this is his name). Bräsig is my companion wherever I go, he enjoys traveling hanging around on my rucksack or my bike panniers (well, as much as his grumpy general mood allows). That's how it was at one of the highlights of our trip, the Niagara falls: Couriously looking around, subdued (but in the least existing) pleasure, and a not-too-smart look: What the heck am I doing here? A little bit more difficult was our photo session at the CN-Tower in Toronto: Because Bräsig is so small (and the tower is so tall) Bräsig had to sit on a medium-high railing so that I could take the picture from below looking up to Bräsig and the peak of the tower. That way I catched both of them on the picture. But before we had to fix the poor cock with a little piece of adhesive tape to the railing because he did not manage to stay on top of the metal tube. That's why he looks a little bit plucked and grumpy on the picture and even the great results of the photosession did not brighten him up. Luckily cocks do not have the memory of elephants so that Bräsig is not resentful.

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