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Modified: 05.11.2003

Unfortunately I do not have as much time as I would like to take care and enhance the web pages, to travel around and to take new pictures. So I am very glad for any kind of help. If you have some own photos or some more precise information on some of the topics here or if you know of some buildings that really have to be included here, so please send all this to me.


Unfortunately publishing these things requires some conditions to be fullfilled:

  • These web pages must have a standardized format, I have no problem with helping in the creation of these pages or even create them on my own using just your texts or images. The authors will be listed on the pages, if they wish I will list their eMail address too.

  • Please do not include too many links to external web pages because these are usually outdated after ashort time and it is often hard work to maintain them. A small number of long-existing, useful links is the goal, not huge collections of outdated ones.

  • Because I am resposible for the content of these pages (and I can even be sued for it) I please you not to send any texts or images protected by copyrights. If you cite from some books then please annotate the origin of these parts. So a certain kind of censorship is necessary (eg. in the case of obscene content).

  • If you notice that some of the texts or images are protected property so please do not sue me in the first run but just let me know. I will apply the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

  • The rights for photos from the interior of buildings are usually at the buildings owner. Most owners do not forbid publishing these images if the pictures are not suitable for high quality prints and if they are not used commercially. For this reason I will not host images with extrem high resolutions here. The pictures are here to get a first impression of what is worth visiting and to make you curious. The should not be substitutes for going there and having a closer look on your own.

  • I am thankful for hints about unlisted literature. I am happy if I can have a hand on these literature on my own so it maybe that I do not list them immediately on these pages.

If all these horrorfull conditions do not scare you and you still want to send me information, texts, images or references to literature I am really happy. Please send whatever you have via  eMail to me.


Thanks for understanding these issues. Kind regards,


Olaf Gellert


 Encouraging, praising & criticizing eMails are highly appreciated.